Friday, March 1, 2024

The Wallpapered Ceiling

Phoebe Howard - Kips Bay Palm Beach

Kips Bay Palm Beach opened this past week. Last week I posted on several rooms, including the blue and white master bedroom by Phoebe Howard.

See the post here. Here is one of the photos of the room I posted below.

Phoebe Howard - Veranda

As you can see, this photo does not show the ceiling like the photo at top does that I just found last night. What do you think of the wallpapered ceiling?

I personally am not a fan. I have posted before about wallpapered ceilings and I rarely see one I like when the walls are also papered. The wallpaper on the walls here is Gracie Studio - hand painted silk and some of the most expensive wallpaper you can buy. I don't see why you would want to complete with it with the trellised border and ceiling. And borders feels so dated.

Perhaps the thought was that it would bring the ceiling height down and feel cozier?

I think at show houses interior designers get offered free products to showcase (especially wallpaper and paint) and end up overdoing it.

I would have let the gorgeous Gracie paper alone. I think the ceiling fights with it and the room feels dated and busy. A painted soft Haint Blue ceiling would be so much prettier IMHO.

What do you think?

Have a great weekend. I have a Bourbon Tasting & Dinner tonight and tomorrow is the 9th birthday of my sweet pup Harper.




  1. Generally I am not a fan of wallpapered ceilings EXCEPT when they are not identical (but compatible) with the walls. In the top photo I would have preferred to see the wallpaper on the ceiling only be the border and the lattice pattern but not include the inset panels with the wallpaper pattern on the walls. It's a bit overwhelming.

  2. I personally like it. It envelops & cozies the room & adds more dimension than a plain ceiling, the usually forgotten space , especially in a large room like this.

  3. Agree. That border shouts outdated.

  4. I just love it! Beautiful room and ceiling.

  5. The ceiling treatment reads as a white trellised covering to me, with 'sky' peaking through. It feels comforting - I adore it!

  6. I agree. I think it's too overwhelming. The wallpaper is a very bold and beautiful choice, but I think the wallpapered ceiling is too much. I do love what appears to be a palm tree torchere lamp in the background, and the way she has layered the blue and white rug over the grass cloth rug.

  7. I would also prefer a painted ceiling. I also think the layers of rugs look sloppy.

  8. I went to the Kips Bay show with friends last week. That bedroom was my absolutely my favorite room in the entire house! It was warm, cozy and still sophisticated. A stunner!