Sunday, September 10, 2023

Blue and White Fall Decorating

MacKenzie - Childs Sterling Stripe Halloween Pumpkin

I can't wait until real pumpkins start arriving here. In DC they arrived around Labor Day, but here in Florida is always later for some reason. I will start today putting out my pumpkin decor. I have a nice collection of wicker and raffia pumpkins. I love this blue and white striped one. Very chic.

You can find it here. This would also make an easy DIY with painter's tape and craft paint. You could use real or faux pumpkins. 

Here is another version in royal blue and white stripes.

MacKenzie - Childs Royal Stripe Pumpkin

And this blue and white toile version - 

MacKenzie - Childs Royal Toile Pumpkin

And in a large size  - 

MacKenzie - Childs Royal Toile Pumpkin - Large

I also like this marbled blue and white set - 

Marbled Blue and White Pumpkin Set with Gold Stem

My favorite real pumpkins are these Australian Blue or Jarrahdale -

Australian Blue Pumpkins

My Vietnamese dish I made for last night was a success. It was Chicken Stir Fried with Lemongrass and Chiles. It was literally the first time I ever cooked with Thai chiles, fish sauce, lemongrass, and Madras curry, so it was a bit intimidating, but all's well that ends well.

I served it in this beautiful vintage Winterthur "Blue Dragon" bowl which of course made it taste even better.

Winterthur "Blue Dragon"


  1. You are reading my mind! I looked at a few "chinoiserie pumpkin" DIY tutorials yesterday and think I will try decoupage, using chinoiserie print paper napkins. Like the striped pumpkins as well.

  2. And the Australian blue's are very chic and exotic looking.

  3. Design Doctor
    Would you consider sharing the recipe or its source? It sounds fabulous. I love all of those ingredients,

  4. Remember the wonderful Winterthur store on King St? Long gone.😒