Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Christmas in August

Red Seagrass Pineapple

Yes, I know it's August, and Christmas is months away, but I saw these and they would be so fabulous for the holidays - singly or a pair on a mantel, sideboard, kitchen island, table centerpiece, et al. I am getting a pair before they are gone. I love pineapples!

I must admit that I start thinking about decorating for Christmas well ahead of time because I enjoy planning it all. And since I decorated CCC to the nines last Christmas, this year I have little to do or buy so I can have fun adding a few things as I see them. And this red looks like a matte coral red that will be perfect at CCC. Depending on your color palette, these would be great all year.

You can find them by clicking here. These would look great mixed with blue and white Chinese porcelain - what about a blue and white Chinese porcelain vase filled with red amaryllis, roses, or carnations flanked by a pair of these!

I guess I am already thinking about the holidays because I am hosting a big Christmas party and have just reserved my clubhouse for it. 

And I even know what I am wearing to my party - my HomeGoods/TJ Maxx had this Hill House Home Limited Edition Red Tulle Ellie Nap Dress that is sold out at HHH and retailed for $275 for $49.99! My HomeGoods/TJ Maxx is not only great for home decor, but has tons of designer clothes too - Farm Rio, Frances Valentine, Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, and more.

Hill House Home Limited Edition Red Tulle Ellie Nap Dress


  1. You dear lady,the ultimate shopper. Love the planning,I just met with my florist to think ahead for Christmas holidays. New home,new ideas.

  2. Those coral/ red pineapples are just wonderful! They will be perfect for so many occasions! What a find! Love the red dress too and always great to snag a real bargain. Well done!

  3. I am so jealous of your Homegoods/ TJMaxx finds! I spent two hours there last Friday and came home empty handed. Empty handed!!