Monday, August 7, 2023

Gone But Not Forgotten - Pink Light Bulbs



It is very possible that I have posted on pink light bulbs more than any other topic. I started recommending pink light bulbs on Chinoiserie Chic back in 2011. I have continued posting on them frequently until recently when I started warning everyone nonstop to stock up as incandescent bulbs were about to be banned. 

The ban has now gone into effect. One cannot manufacture them without meeting impossible standards that would make them cost prohibitive and they are now illegal to sell. I am not just talking about pink incandescents, but a ban on virtually all incandescent bulbs that went into effect August 1. Halogens do not meet the new standards either. And importing the banned bulbs is likewise illegal.

Gone But Not Forgotten

I promised to see what is out there in LED bulbs that is not completely awful. Well, I hope everyone took my advice and stocked up on pink and other incandescents. I got dozens and dozens to last me at CCC for years and years.

If you did the same, store them properly to last!!! No garages with weather extremes. Pack them carefully in their original boxes, or in tissue, and a protective outer box. They are precious cargo. Put them somewhere safe in your house!

Every LED light bulb I tested was horrible. I donated them all to get them out of my house. They distort the colors in my home. They give me headaches. When I finally run out of incandescents, I plan to move to a country where incandescent bulbs are allowed.

Several people have commented suggesting painting LED bulbs pink. I have not posted those comments. First, they are still ugly LED bulbs. Second, I have read several places that it could be a fire hazard, so I do not recommend the painting route at all. 

There are "pink" LED light bulbs out there but unless you are Barbie, just say no. They are garish, not the subtle conch shell pink of the Sylvania pink bulbs or the subtle pink of the G.E. bulbs. They are party lights assuming your party is for seven year old girls.

I get emails almost daily about where to find the pink incandescent bulbs. Please, no more emails - LOL. The answer is nowhere unless you find someone on eBay or wherever selling a couple at a ridiculous price illegally. I posted a dozen times to stock up - they are now gone, perhaps forever.

BTW, it is not illegal to own or use your incandescent bulbs - I know that somebody will ask me that.

Not only do I find the light from LED bulbs to be terrible - harsh, flickering, and color distorting, but several European studies have linked LED bulbs to eye disease such as macular degeneration, dry eye and cataracts, disrupted sleep, headaches, migraines, depression, diabetes, obesity, and more.

Studies have also shown that 72% of Americans believe the government has no right to dictate what light bulbs they use. 

Hopefully you all have stockpiled pink and other incandescents or don't mind the LED's. I even bought 20 strands of incandescent Christmas lights last year so I will not have to use LED anywhere at CCC, thankfully.

BTW, those even more hideous and more dangerous than LED's, mercury filled compact florescent bulbs are now banned as well. 

Incandescents are most likely gone forever. The industry has spent millions of dollars retrofitting their assembly lines for the LED bulbs.

I wish I had better news to start out your week, but it is what it is.


  1. How sad, and how ridiculous. I'm laughing at your comment about leaving the country for a place that allows incandescent bulbs, Beth. I think about leaving my country too, for many different reasons, but I will spare you and your readers from commenting further on that. I'm with the other 72% who think the government is over regulating many things in our lives. They make these decisions prematurely without first exploring the possible consequences. All of the types of light bulbs you referenced have turned out to have detrimental effects of some sort. I am an optimist, though. I believe some brilliant, ingenious person will come along and invent an improved alternative to the incandescent.

  2. Well there must be something in the air because I took today had a free moment and thought I would pop on to Amazon and get another case of the GE Soft Pink 60 Watt Bulbs. When I saw there were none on Amazon I chalked it up to perhaps Amazon taking some of political stands to be politically correct and not carry incandescent light bulbs any more. I then proceeded as most do to plan B which is Ebay and seldom fails. To my shock I saw exactly what you saw about the 2 Soft pink light bulbs going for upwards of nearly $600. I think the bidding has gone up since you last saw it. I do not do any social media except for my business and this is the first blog I have ever responded to but I would me more than delighted to send you one of my reserve GE soft pink 69 Watt bulbs. Not sure how to get in contact with you but I am in Southern California and often travel to Boston and Vermont so if you are near to either location please let me know or provide a mailing address so I may contribute to your cause as I too believe in having soft pink lighting in my home. If you could be so kind in return as to letting me know exactly which LED bulb in soft pink you have settle on I, would be most grateful as I too would like to stock up as I should under the Tump Administration for the GE ones. I am not a believer in Government telling any of us what we can or cannot do or buy for our homes particularly when one is trying to make it a lovely home. Your writing is superb and it was coincidental that you wrote this blog only hours ago and I had just had the same experience including the “stocking up” a year or more ago. Kind regards and let me know where to send this gift from one stranger to another . Deborah

    1. Thanks so much for your offer, but from your comment and questions you must have somehow just read the March post and not yesterday's post. If you read it, I am all stocked up and discuss LED bulbs.