Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Fluted Blue & White Chinese Porcelain Jars

Charlotte Moss

I love fluted blue and white Chinese porcelain jars, but they are somewhat rare. I found a pair a couple of years ago at HomeGoods and love them. In the lovely vignette above, note the light fixture with a candle and a pulley system to clean the glass and replace the candle. This might be a lighting alternative when we all run out of our incandescent light bulbs!

I have found the same ones I have at HomeGoods online. They are quite large and very elegant.

Blue and White Chinoiserie Fluted Jar

They also work beautifully as vases for long stemmed flowers - gorgeous with lilies.

Blue and White Chinoiserie Fluted Jar

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This very similar set on 1stDibs is $1,250.00.

20th Century Ceramic Chinese Fluted Jars

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  1. The fluted porcelain jars are very beautiful. I've seen pictures of this room by Charlotte Moss before. It's beautiful, but I've never noticed the light fixture until now. I focused mainly on the color combinations, fabrics and wall surfaces. Candlelight is very flattering and can be magical, but I would be too afraid of starting a fire. I live in CA where we have experienced many devastating fires. In 1991 I was having brunch at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland, CA with my mother, when the hotel had to be evacuated. When we left the building, the sky was black with smoke and the fire had jumped the freeway. Needless to say, it was terrifying. (Maybe Charlotte's light fixture has a battery operated candle.)