Monday, October 19, 2020

Fun Flower Arranging

Amanda Lindroth

 In Florida, my "serious" designer bags are all just sitting in the closet. Fortunately, I have a wonderful collection of vintage wicker Kate Spade bags and straw bags by Kayu that are much more casual and have a tropical vibe.

 I just love Amanda Lindroth's idea of using some of my wicker and straw totes as vases. When I am out this week, I'll pick up a few glass vases at Dollar Tree for this purpose. You just hide the vase in the purse. I enjoy cutting foliage and flowers from my garden to use in the house. And it's free! In the photo above, Amanda uses pink bougainvillea and I have a massive one in this color in the garden. The styling is darling with the blue and white Chinese garden stool.


  1. Beautiful and unique

  2. OMG, I didn't even notice the straw handbag until I began reading your post. I was so knocked out by Amanda's gorgeous pink bougainvillea and her fabulous porch. I love those wheeled rattan chaises with the black and white ties.

  3. Beautiful. Absolutely love every element!