Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Technology Day @ CCC

Etsy - CooperModern

 So today is modern technology day at CCC. If all goes as planned (and it rarely does), Amazon will be delivering the Samsung Frame TV this morning along with a new receiver for my surround sound system. Then the TV is getting installed in the master bedroom and the surround sound that is all over the house including the lanai gets hooked up to the TVs and sound system. The new Frame TV has Alexa built in as well. And my internet and streaming is all wireless so everything needs to sync. As for the art on the Frame TV, it comes with a trial subscription to works of art from museums and galleries, but you can also download tons of art from places like Etsy and Juniper Home or upload your own art or photographs. So this will be a whole new learning curve with all of this for me. It will be a long day.... Cocktails @ 5.

Update - the TV was to arrive between 9 AM and noon and they were here at 9:05. Good start.


  1. Intense, but oh it will be so nice once it is all in sync and established.

  2. Yes! hope everything goes smoothly!


  3. Can’t wait to see it installed! May the technology gods be kind...

  4. How cool! I can't wait to hear about it, and have a cocktail for me too, Beth.

  5. Love it, want it, but can't help wondering.....
    In NYC we need a cable box and it has to go somewhere close to the TV. Question is, if you do too, where will it go? Do you need a console or some piece of sorts to place underneath the TV to contain all the cable crap /Tivo/thingamajig we are required to have these days?

    Could it be as simple as hanging that beauty up like a painting or an art print and working it with a remote? No visible boxes, cables and ugliness?

    Please give us the low down!

    1. I will post on it tomorrow, but the short answer is no box, no cords.

  6. Wonderful post - SO glad to know about this Samsung television. Question - in your bedroom there is a chair to the right of the sofa in a wonderful blue, gold and taupe print. Is that Schumacher New Castle Paisley? It's so beautiful - the whole room is beautiful- and I think it's a possibility for my living room.

  7. The fabric is Clarence House Dragon Empress. Thanks so much!