Thursday, March 28, 2024

Setting the Easter Table

Rachel R. Simon

I saw this on Instagram and think it is a whimsical idea for a centerpiece for the Easter table. It would be perfect for Easter brunch. I plan to get fresh carrots with their tops on today or tomorrow and try this myself. I love it paired with the green leaf china. Cabbage ware would be fabulous too.

My dogs absolutely adore fresh carrots. They both like fresh fruits and vegetables far more than any meat. Everyone complains what picky eater Japanese Chins are and I think it's just because their owners don't know what they like. Vegan pups - LOL. Carrots are very healthy and great for their teeth. To make them even more nutritious you can marinate them in bone broth.

Here is another version using parrot tulips.


Check out this one that includes Brussels sprouts and radishes as well as carrots - so creative -

Southern Living

I will post my version if it turns out well.

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  1. This is beyond cute and clever. There are so many imaginative - and inexpensive - ways to create beautiful centerpieces. Thanks for the inspiration, Beth.