Friday, March 29, 2024

In the Bag

Beatrice @ 16 Weeks

Beatrice turned 16 weeks yesterday and is growing like crazy. She decided to take her toys out of the L.L.Bean Boat & Tote and get in it. She is a handful! You know the expression "in the bag" which means you are certain to get it? She is literally in the bag.

I also did my version of the carrot flower arrangement I posted on yesterday and love it. I used my favorite Kate Spade Cloverdale vase and organic carrots with the tops on. So easy. The pups love carrots and I gave them a couple of the tops and they enjoyed them.


I hope everyone has a lovely Easter holiday weekend.



  1. Gorgeous. I also made the bouquet. It turned out to be stunning. Thank you so much for posting this idea

  2. In my next life I want to back as Beatrice. Will copy your carrot vase for Sunday.