Sunday, March 3, 2024



I promised photos of my new Calamondin citrus trees. They arrived late on Friday so I "installed" them yesterday. As you can see, I put them in a pair of blue and white Chinese fish bowls and topped them with lots of moss. They are beautiful and the quality is excellent.

I love pops of orange with blue and white, and I think these are great. Also shown are a pair of vintage Chinese garden stools I have used in the garden for decades and my front door mat made from vintage recycled lobster rope.

BTW, I put the trees in the fish bowls on top of bricks to raise the height, stuffed plastic and paper material that I save from delivered packages all around the trees, then topped them with preserved moss. 

And another tip - mist the moss occasionally with filtered water to keep it fresh and green. I use filtered water for misting plants, ironing, etc. The minerals and chorine in tap water can cause discoloration. And most importantly, you should be using only filtered water for drinking water for your pets! Did you know that if you have an issue with tear staining on your pups, one likely cause is tap water? I have used filtered water exclusively for all my pets for decades. If you and your family drink filtered water, so should your pets!

48" Faux Orange Tree

I absolutely love my faux trees. There are spots in the house like dark corners where live plants would not flourish and faux versions are perfect. 


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  2. Just beautiful. Your front porch looks smashing, Beth!

  3. OMG I was going to ask you how you provided drainage for the trees--then i saw they are faux, hahaha!

  4. I am always drawn to blue& white with orange- I was smitten as a teen, when I babysat for a very stylish lady who had a blue& white porcelain bowl filled with oranges on her dark wood kitchen table! Stunning- I love your beautiful entrance!