Monday, March 4, 2024

Bloom Where You're Planted

Sarasota Waterfront

Sarasota, Florida seems to have won every award lately when it comes to best cities to live - best beaches, best places to retire, etc. etc. The latest accolade is winning the best city in the U.S. for date night. It easily beat out 160 other cities achieving perfect scores in several categories. I found this very interesting and well deserved because I first fell in love with and chose this area not just for the glorious weather and stunning beauty, but for the restaurant and cultural scene.

Sarasota is far and away the nation’s best date-night city, scoring a total of 87.7 on a scale of 100 over 10 categories, according to 

“Nestled along the picturesque Gulf Coast, Sarasota sets the stage for a captivating romantic retreat with its coastal beauty and charming cultural attractions. Whether strolling through the magical Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, embarking on a scenic cruise along Sarasota Bay to admire marine life or simply enjoying the beautiful sunsets, Sarasota offers couples a blend of outdoor adventures and cultural indulgences, making it a delightful destination for a sun-soaked, romantic getaway.”

Sarasota was the only city in the top 10 to have a perfect score in four of the categories with perfect 10s in: number of romantic restaurants; number of cafes, bakeries and dessert shops; number of couples friendly attractions; and number of spas — all per 10,000 people. The city also ranked in the top 10 in seven categories.

With a year-round population of nearly 60,000, the city certainly benefits from the tens of thousands of seasonal residents who bring significant retirement spending here, providing a vast array of upscale dining and entertainment options not typically afforded of cities the size of Sarasota.

“For a city of our size, we have an amazing number of great restaurants that provide the perfect romantic atmosphere for date night,” said Sarasota Mayor Liz Alpert. “Couples can choose from a variety of cuisines, including vegan. Then after, there are many choices for dancing, theater, opera, or just strolling through our downtown or St. Armands.”

Ringling Museum of Art

The top 10
The best date-night cities in the U.S., according to

Sarasota: 87.7
Atlantic City, New Jersey: 79.5
Savannah, Georgia: 76.1
Charleston, South Carolina: 75.0
Portland, Maine: 74.7
Orlando: 71.7
Burlington, Vermont: 71.6
Fort Lauderdale: 70.3
Wilmington, Delaware: 71.2
Las Vegas, Nevada: 70.5

 (via Observer)


  1. Since you are a transplant, was it difficult to meet people there?

    1. Not at all - I have a large group of friends in the gated community where
      I live and joined a great newcomer's club that has events virtually every day. I have found it extremely easy to meet people here - and everyone is outdoors all the time making it even easier.

  2. Beating Charleston & Savannah is saying something!

  3. Hi Beth My Dream is to live in Florida, are you going to be dipping your toes in the dating pool again anytime soon… your blog!

  4. Sarasota is wonderful, no doubt about it. I’m glad it topped this list. But I am really surprised that Atlantic City New Jersey came in number two. I live in Naples, Florida full-time, but we do have a home on the same barrier island as Atlantic City, at which we spend a good amount of time. Maybe I’m jaded, but I can’t think of why Atlantic City even made the top 10!! The survey respondents must know something that I don’t.