Tuesday, September 12, 2023

I'm Dreaming of a White Halloween

The Potted Boxwood

I am not a huge fan of orange pumpkins for fall and Halloween decorating. I much prefer the peach Cinderella pumpkins, blue Australian pumpkins, and white pumpkins. I am thinking of using white ones at CCC this year. I love the inspiration above. I too have a white house and love this look. And don't miss the pair of skeletons in the planters next to the door. I have a pair of mermaid skeletons I got last year that I will use in my blue and white Chinese fishbowls with topiaries flanking my front door. I think the white pumpkins will work much better with all my blue and white Chinese porcelain at my front entrance too.

The white pumpkins come in all sizes. The tiny ones are perfect for the tabletop.

Mark Sikes - Lonny

Eleven Gables

And for your kitchen, one of these white pumpkin cocottes. I have two and leave them on display on my kitchen island all year. This is a great price and free shipping.

Staub White Pumpkin Cocotte

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