Sunday, July 23, 2023

Turquoise Blue Foo Dogs

Foo Dogs

I  have always loved turquoise blue foo dogs. They mix beautifully with blue and white Chinese porcelain like ginger jars. The color works especially well in a beach house.

Miles Redd

Check out this post I did with lots of inspiration. If you'd like to add a pair to your home, here are a couple of great options.

Pair of 15" Ceramic Foo Dogs

Pair of 13" Ceramic Foo Dogs


  1. They are beautiful in this vivid turquoise color, and they look identical to Miles Redd's Foo dogs. I have a pair of blue and white Foo Dogs, along with a collection of other pieces of blue and white porcelains that my late mother gave me. When I was young she started me on collections of vintage and antique porcelains and linens. They are some of my most treasured items, and bring back wonderful memories. That is a beautiful room done by Mr. Redd.

  2. I am constantly on the look out for orange foo dogs. Im still looking!

  3. Beth, I have been enjoying your blog for years. Thanks. And this is my first time to comment. I have a pair of small vintage turquoise Foo Dogs in the second living room, and I also have Red Cinnabar style modern resin Foo Dog lamp and Red wood carved Foo Dog long bench repurposed from Chinese Opium Bed in my bed room to match with my Kutani Red lamp and Kyoto Satsuma Red lamp. I wish I can show them here.

  4. Ack, they're sold out! :-( I didn't know I needed turquoise Foo Dogs but I do, I do, I do!!!!