Saturday, July 8, 2023

A Pickle

Blue Chinoiserie Pickleball Paddle

So, if you buy a pickleball paddle, do you have to start playing pickleball? Asking for a friend....

Seriously, I have been wanting to start playing pickleball. There are pickleball courts right where I live and free lessons and lots of people who play. And this gorgeous blue chinoiserie paddle would be perfect for me. Here are the specifics - 

Sold individually

Double sided - blue printed chinoiserie and solid blue

Lightweight design for improved hand-speed

Elongated face for improved power

Fiberglass Surface provides improved 'pop' on your shots

Paddle Thickness designed for both power and accuracy

Durable honeycomb core and fiberglass surface materials

USA Pickleball Approved

Blue Chinoiserie Pickleball Paddle

And there are more great chinoiserie pickleball choices - 

Jade Cherry Blossom Pickleball Paddle

Personalized Embroidered Chinoiserie Pickleball Cover

The cover above is available in lime green or pink.


  1. Going to my first pickleball beginner clinic tomorrow!

  2. Hahaha😍 My question also. I see the most fabulous paddle designs WEEKLY!! I. DON'T. PLAY. PICKLEBALL. 🤣 (I haven't purchased any🤞🏻) Racket sport accessory intervention may be in my future🎾🏓🏸 "OOOOOOOOOOOOH did you see....?"
    "I've always loved those shades, patterns, art,...."
    "How FABULOUS"❤️‍🔥
    Please keep us updated...Great post✨️

  3. They're almost too pretty to use! I would constantly be trying to hit the ball with the solid colored side!