Sunday, July 9, 2023

Wicker Wine Tote High/Low & Florida Life

Ralph Lauren Wicker Wine Tote

I both belong to and chair several wine tasting groups here in Venice and have been looking for an insulated wine tote to safely transport my bottle of wine.

I love this one by Ralph Lauren. You can find it here. Unfortunately, it sells for $595.

So on Friday I found this one and it arrived yesterday just in time for my Napa Wine Dinner last night.

Wicker and Canvas Insulated Wine Tote in Navy Blue and White Stripe

It is real wicker and absolutely darling. I got so many compliments. And I got it for under $17 with free shipping and one day delivery.

Yesterday was a great day. After 9 months since Hurricane Ian and crazy supply and labor shortages, my roof is finally done!

So, my gutter and downspout crew showed up early yesterday and my roof is finally done = new tile roof, fascia, flashing, soffits, gutters, gutter screens, and downspouts. Pictures as soon as the garden is put back together....

As the crew was packing up, I went out to thank them and they pointed out a snake in the driveway. It then proceeded to wiggle under the garage door into my garage. I opened the garage door and spotted him in the corner. The closest thing was my leather English riding crop. 

I nudged the crop next to him and he started to coil himself around it and I carried him out and put him in one of the garden beds. The guys were all amazed. 

They finished just in time for me to shower and dress before my Napa Wine Dinner. The gazpacho was a huge hit. It was wonderful. Find the recipe here. It is a new favorite recipe and so perfect for hot summer weather. Don't be scared off by and do not skip the fennel - it is the key ingredient making the soup light and flavorful but the soup does not taste like fennel at all!


  1. Hi Beth,
    Love the wine cooler purchase. Question about the gazpacho: Can you taste the fennel? Just not a favorite flavor of mine. Thank you.

    1. Absolutely does not taste like fennel. Not one person could identify it, but everyone loved the soup. It makes the soup light and flavorful, but no fennel taste.

  2. The wicker wine tote is amazing. Just grab two, one for us and one for a gift basket for our local yacht club charity fundraising.

  3. Just purchased three of the wicker wine baskets, one for us. And then one for a fundraiser for our yacht club where I know it will be a huge hit. And then a third one for the fundraiser for our car club’s Christmas brunch. Add a bottle of wine and they’re perfect for both and will be big heads.