Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Blue & White Powder Room

Mark D. Sikes

This chic little powder room is done in Clarence House Las Palmas. Note the blue crown molding. Do you say powder room or powder bath? 

Here are some ideas for accessorizing your powder room. I like mine better than those pictured - LOL. Why is the box on the toilet off center? - that bugs me.

Natural Bamboo Vase

My favorite liquid hand soap I have used for years - so much nicer than bar soap for a guest bath - 

Seda France Japanese Quince

I have these towels and adore them - the hand towels are perfect for a powder bath - 

Wave Collection Towels

The price on this rattan framed mirror is amazing. 

Rattan Mirror



  1. I say powder room! Maybe they had to move the poo-pourri out of sight for the pic and neglected to center the box! I agree, it being off center bothers me as well.
    Love your gorgeous bowl filled with urchins and shells

  2. I also say powder room

  3. I say powder room. What is the source of the blue/green bowl you have pictured? Love that!

  4. It is "room" if there is no "bath" (tub or shower).

  5. The Today Show featured Seda France candles this morning in Jill's steals and deals for Mothers Day!

  6. In my area of the world we say half bath.

  7. nice to use a repro. bowl on the toilet.. you never know when things can get wild in there, right? loving the shells and urchins...

  8. 'Powder bath' makes me nuts. Why? There's no bath involved. I prefer powder room. Elegant.

  9. Powder Room, for sure. Not Powder "Bath" since there is no bath/shower there.
    Beautiful selections all around.

  10. I say powder room. It sounds so much more elegant, and the Clarence House wallpaper is wonderful!

  11. We say guest bath as there is a shower in there. Love the bowl of shells and urchins. The bamboo vase would look great filled with same.