Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Going Old School

Match Cloche

I know we all love our scented candles; they are always very popular posts when I recommend new candles I have found. Recently, I have been lighting my candles with those long, slender, elegant wooden matches. 

Matches are so sophisticated. They bring back memories of wonderful restaurants where I have dined and elegant hotels where I have stayed, that back in the day always had matchbooks or little matchbox tokens. 

Lighting a match is very tactile and sensory, the crackle and hiss and the strangely wonderful smell of sulfur dioxide.

Here are some beautiful choices - in glass cloches for display or in pick your own colors to arrange in a small holder like a little floral bouquet.

This beautiful match cloche comes in gray, blue, or violet. The elegant, hand-blown glass cloche comes filled with four-inch matches and a strike-on-bottle flint that ensures you always have a light ready. Paired with a candle, it makes a lovely housewarming gift that's both functional and a beautiful décor accent.

Match Cloche - available in 3 colors

On sale in Cloud or Smoke.

Match Cloche in Cloud

Match Cloche in Smoke

Solid Copper Match Strike and Holder

Note their spelling of "Safety" - LOL.

100 Matches - Choose Your Color

200 Matches - Choose Two Colors

This mini ginger jar comes with 20 pearl and bamboo picks and would be perfect to use for matches after you use up the picks.

Mini Chinoiserie Ginger Jar with Bamboo Picks


  1. Another 'home run' blog post, Beth! You find the CUTEST things!!

  2. Love these! I agree they're perfect for hostess gifts; but I want them all for myself.