Monday, September 5, 2022

Happy Labor Day


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Mine has included getting to know my new car, its first car wash, gardening, the beach of course, making chili as planned, and deliveries of a few Labor Day sale pieces I had ordered. My car wash even gives me Milk Bones for the pups every time I go.

Above you see the Amanda Lindroth wicker pineapple, Two's Company pineapple vase, and blue and white pagoda all of which I have recently posted on. Click on the links.

These are some more wonderful blue and white chinoiserie finds all on Labor Day sales.

Dana Gibson Monogrammable Blue and White Ginger Jar

Dana Gibson Navy Bamboo Ginger Jar

Dana Gibson Square Patterned Tray

Dana Gibson Catchall

Bamboo Lacquer Serving Tray

Scalloped Lacquer Serving Tray


  1. Dear Beth, HAPPY Labor Day! The Navy Lacquer Serving Tray A-S works for me! Al Spok Thanks, Al p.s. maybe Sample Sale ?

  2. Ooh...I love the Dana Gibson block print. How cute that your car wash gives your pups Milk Bones.

  3. Also love your adorable bamboo bag! My blue and white Two's Company pagoda tree was delivered today...I think it's perfect out all year. Thank you for the link a few weeks ago!

    1. So glad you like it. The bamboo bag is Sarah Bray Bermuda.