Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Wicker Pumpkins


I have always loved decorating outdoors with pumpkins in the fall. I am especially smitten with heirloom pumpkins, nowadays widely available. I buy them as soon as they come in, with Trader Joe's a favorite source. I love to leave them out until Thanksgiving. With their very thick skins, I have found the heirloom pumpkins last for months. Always wash your pumpkins to remove any bacteria to help prevent rotting - I even used hand sanitizer on mine last year and the pumpkins lasted forever! More on real pumpkins down the road....

For indoors, there are many faux pumpkin choices available in velvet, ceramic, glass, you name it. I found these wicker/rattan ones that I absolutely love. These would be fabulous on a fireplace mantel, dining room sideboard, kitchen island, entryway table, or dining table centerpiece. They are beautiful in person with a very vintage look and would work well with any decor.


These are the ones above in my foyer. They are not available online right now, but if you click on the link you can find a Target store near you to pick them up hopefully.

Short Light Woven Wicker Pumpkin

This tall version below is available online with free shipping on orders of $35 and also in stores.

Tall Light Woven Pumpkin

I just ordered a pair of these below too and they arrive on Wednesday. These darker ones are wicker, the lighter ones are a woven rattan. These are not available in stores and need to be ordered online.

Short Dark Wicker Pumpkin

Likewise this tall wicker one is not in stores, and needs to be ordered online. These all look very impressive and are at a great price and are quite fabulous. Other stores have wicker pumpkins up to $99 that are not as nice as these. They can be used from now through Thanksgiving.

Tall Dark Wicker Pumpkin

This one below is $99 at Pottery Barn - seriously!

Tall Wicker Pumpkin

And this little one is $79!

Short Wicker Pumpkin


  1. Very cute. I especially love the Cinderella pumpkins, and the small Baby Boos and Jack Be Littles.

  2. Thank you Beth for posting about these pumpkins! I just ran to Target and got the last one they had like the ones you pictured sitting on your floor. They're so nice. And in my opinion they are not small at all, like their description. Have you seen the woven Threshhold turkeys? They're darling! I snapped up one of those too. They won't last long.

  3. Beth, I saw this in the catalog & immediately thought of you: https://www.balsamhill.com/p/woven-seagrass-playful-friends-basket-fall-decor?sku=4100838

    Unfortunately it seems to be out of stock, but perhaps they will get more soon. :)