Thursday, August 18, 2022

Blue and White Travel Organizers

Travel Organizer Set

Do you have any end of summer travel plans? When I travel, I love to organize my suitcase with travel organizers.

5 Piece City Vacation Travel Packing Organization Set

I have found some that are so chic! Click on the captions to link. This stylish packing set will keep you organized from city to city and everywhere in-between. Crafted from durable canvas, these versatile packing bags feature playful illustrations and can be monogrammed for an extra personalized touch.

 • 5-piece set includes: 1 large bag, 4 medium bags.

• 100% cotton with grosgrain ribbon closure and carry handles.

• Imported.

• Monogramming is embroidered on the large bag for free.

And it comes in a darling set for beach vacations.

3 Piece Beach Vacation Travel Packing Organization Set

A stylish way to stay organized on vacation. This versatile packing set is perfect for everything from a change of clothes to swimsuits, shoes and sunglasses. Crafted from cotton with a grosgrain ribbon accent, add an embroidered monogram to the large organizer for a personal touch.

 • 3-piece set includes: 1 clothing packing bag, 1 shoes packing bag and 1 padded sunglasses case.

• 100% cotton with grosgrain ribbon closure.

• Imported.

• Monogramming is embroidered on the large bag.

These Dana Gibson pouches are so Chinoiserie Chic and they are on sale with an extra 20% off with code EXTRA20.

Dana Gibson Leopard Print Pouch

Dana Gibson Silk Road Pouches Set of 2

I have this tote bag and love it - it makes a perfect overnight bag.

Dana Gibson Leopard Print Tote Bag

I love this striped leather carry - on. This is so chic. The inside is navy and white stripes and it can be monogrammed.

Striped Leather Carry-On Luggage

Interior view

"Meet the Striped Leather Carry-On Luggage. Our new lightweight carry-on features two compartments with zippered compression, a TSA approved personal lock, and four oversized wheels that spin 360 degrees, so you can pack more into every trip and still navigate the airport with ease. Designed to last, the carry-on is made from incredibly durable polycarbonate with luxe leather detailing, plus it comes with a 10-year limited warranty so if it breaks, we’ll fix or replace it – guaranteed."

Another "why I love Florida" example. I received my proposed property tax bill for 2023 for my Venice home in the mail yesterday. Despite the fact that my home value has almost doubled in the two years I have been here, my tax bill went down!!! (They lowered the tax rate). Living in paradise............


  1. I am packing my bags to go to Capri in September. The Blue & White will be Perfect to go inside my LV suitcase! Thanks Beth!, Al

    1. "Twas on the isle of Capri that I found her...."

  2. Beth, what is your opinion of the wheels on this brand?

    1. I do not own it, but it gets good reviews and comes with an excellent warranty.

  3. My husband handles the finances for his mother, who lives in Florida. When I saw her property tax bill it was so low I thought it must be a mistake! We live in California and it's very different here, although our highest property taxes were when we lived in Kansas.

    1. Fairfax County where I lived in Virginia was insanely high. Florida is great!

  4. I would move to Florida in a New York minute if I could, but for many reasons I need to stay in CA for at least a while. I was born and grew up in CA, but it's a very different place now, and not in a good way, in my humble opinion.

  5. Every items on this post is wonderful. I am trying sooooooo hard NOT to purchase the striped leather carry-on. Unfortunately, I have several suit cases by Hartman and they just will not wear out!

    1. I have a collection of vintage tweed Hartmann that I love, but not for flying.