Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Surfer Girl


So, I bought myself a surfboard, but no, I won't be taking up surfing. Surfboard wall art is getting quite popular. I thought I was so unique when I got mine about 6 months ago, but now they are popping up. They come ready to hang either vertically or horizontally, but I much prefer it leaning against a wall. I think they are chic and great for a beach house. A beach house is a perfect opportunity to relax and have fun with decorating.

Here it is in artist Sally King Benedict's former Atlanta home.

Sally King Benedict - Luxe Interiors & Design

And another surfboard in a Palm Beach home.

Jennifer Hunter - House Beautiful

Here is the one in Sally King Benedict's home and mine. Oliver Gal's Calming Waves ocean-themed surfboard wall art displays a calm and tranquil image. This innovative wall feature, printed with premium inks on high-gloss acrylic to reveal rich colors and fine details, creates depth by appearing to float off the wall. Includes a certificate of authenticity by the artist.

Calming Waves Surfboard Art

Click here to see the entire collection.

The one in the Jennifer Hunter Palm Beach apartment is available at Natural Curiosities. Click here.

Here are some other chic options in wall art perfect for the beach house and the chinoiserie home - all are 50% off today on a flash sale. Click on the captions to link.

Set of Nine Seashell Prints

Painted Mirrored Chinoiserie Panels

Set of Five Framed Chinoiserie Panels

Set of Four Skeleton Coral Prints in Blue and White

Set of Twelve Framed Bird Prints

I'm off to test drive the Audi Allroad today - I measured and my surfboard will fit in the back - LOL.


  1. That surfboard art would look wonderful next to a Slim Aarons photograph!

    1. I might try moving it next to one of my Slim Aarons.

  2. Dear Beth, I LOVE all The ART to hang walls! p.s. you Surfboard is very COOL, Al

  3. Surfboards have a very cool vibe.