Thursday, June 16, 2022

Chinoiserie Inspiration

Mark D. Sikes

This is such a pretty example of a chinoiserie vignette that is not in a blue and white color palette. The wallpaper is the classic Quadrille Bali Hai in a green colorway as opposed to the very popular blue.

Here is a wonderful example of it used in blue and white paired with blue and white Chinese porcelain. This pattern is available in many colors and in fabric as well.

Sarah Bartholomew

I absolutely adore this wall below with the white coral and white wall brackets. For a more eco friendly alternative to real coral, there are lots of really good faux copies - my HomeGoods has them 24/7 in white, pink, blue, aqua, peach, and lavender.

Sarah Bartholomew

I found these brackets and they look like the same ones and are available in cream, blue, and natural. The blue would be beautiful with blue and white Chinese porcelain instead of coral. They are on sale with free shipping. I would love to do this in my home. It looks like she spray painted them white, but most "white" coral is actually off white and I think the cream would work great as is.

Suzanne Kasler Jacque Bracket in Medium Cream

Suzanne Kasler Jacque Bracket in Large Cream

Sarah Bartholomew

Sarah Bartholomew

These Famille Rose plates would be a lovely choice for recreating the vignette in the first picture. I love the pink and green palette.

Famille Rose Mixed Salad Plates

Famille Rose Charger

These pieces would be pretty on a chest below similar to the photo. This could be used as a vase or cachepot.

Famille Rose Champagne Bucket

And to accessorize.

Famille Rose Bowl


  1. Wow! Love the brackets, thank's for a great post!

  2. How and where in the world do you find these things, Beth?! You are either privy to some secret sources that none of us know about, or you are a treasure hunter, or both. That Famille Rose charger is just beautiful.