Friday, June 17, 2022

Romantic Summer Dressing

Dondolo x Pencil & Paper Co.

My gardeners are coming over at 7:30 this morning so we can tackle the garden projects before it gets too horribly hot out. But I wanted to share this darling collection that just launched, a collaboration between Dondolo and Pencil & Paper's Gen Store.

"Dondolo loves to collaborate with other women-owned businesses. Since their initial meeting, Gen has been a source of guidance and encouragement for Catalina. The breadth of Gen’s work including founding her company, Pencil & Paper Co., a "joyful intersection of retail, editorial, and community," is awe-inspiring. Her vision and talent are one-of-a-kind. 

The Dondolo x Pencil & Paper collection is steeped in bold colors and anchored with hearts, a symbol of Gen’s brand and a shared reminder to spread love. This joyful collection combines Gen's vibrant color palette with Dondolo’s distinct designs and finest details for an optimal blend of sophistication and romance. Hearts, the universal symbol of love, are hand-embroidered by Dondolo artisans on curated European fabrics. The collection names, each a different language, pay homage to Gen’s favorite words. These designs are perfect for your very own spirited adventures as well as day-to-day activities."

Here are some of my favorite pieces. I really love the dresses. I am a dress gal, and I especially love dresses that can be worn on or off the shoulder. These dresses can easily go from day to evening. I recommend sizing up in the women's clothing. I emailed them and a small is a size 4, a medium is a size 6, a large is an 8, etc. Strange sizing. Someone needs to inform them that if you are a size 8 you do not want to be told you are large. LOL. 

This stunning dress is linen in peony with red hearts and hand smocking. Wear it off the shoulder for date night.

Women's Happy Dress in Peony with Red Hearts

It also comes in white with gold hearts.

Women's Happy Dress in White with Gold Hearts

Both of these dresses even come in matching infants and girls sizes like this bubble.

Happy Girl Bubble in Peony with Red Hearts

A darling blue and white dress.

Women's Bonjour Dress in Light Blue Stripe

Click here to view the entire collection including women's dresses and separates, infants and girl's outfits, boys outfits, accessories, home furnishings, and even matching doll dresses.


  1. Great for an ingenue!

    1. I think these are great for any age. Gen is over 50.

  2. I saw this on the Pencil and Paper site this morning and went to Dondolo site and saw that they are headquartered in Dallas--which is where I live. I totally agree with you that the sizing is strange. Just to put it in perspective, I wore a size 8 when I weighed 117 lbs at 5'8". A size 8 is about the smallest size I could every wear considering my bone structure. So--please clothing companies--be realistic. What I am wondering is where the pretty dishes in the photo can be found. I've looked for them on the site--and could not find them. If you can, please let us know.

    1. Just lick on my link to see the entire Pencil and Paper collection. They are there because I looked at them.

  3. They look perfect for the hot weather. (I can't wait to see your garden after it's finished.)

    1. It looks wonderful! I just have to babysit the new sod and plants as they settle in. I will take pics at some point.