Thursday, May 12, 2022

Printfresh Home

Printfresh Home Collection

I am such a huge fan of Printfresh sleepwear, with its unique and whimsical patterns. And they have just come out with their very first home collection. Those of you who have commented asking for Printfresh bedding got your wish.

Hand - picked and designed with intention and care, their first home collection is a curated collection of some of their most beloved prints. From cozy cottages to beach bungalows, guest rooms, dorms and beyond, these pieces will add a Printfresh touch to any space in need of a bright maximalist moment. 

The collection includes bedding, wallpaper, and shower curtains. Click on the captions to link. And I received a Printfresh gift card for Mother's Day!

Click here for bedding

Click here for shower curtains

I especially love this Flamenco pattern - 
And this one named Camel's Courtyard - 

Camel's Courtyard

Citrus patterns are such a classic and so hot right now-