Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Fun Summer Totes

Palm Springs Tote


I  think these jute city totes are so fun. Perfect for doing errands, the farmer's market, the beach, travel and fabulous for a bachelorette party or girls' getaway.

Here are the other options. Have you been to any or all these destinations? Which one is your favorite? That would be a tough choice - these are all wonderful places. The most recent of these places I have visited was Nashville and I loved it. These totes are available singly or as a set of 5.

Hamptons Tote

Nashville Tote

Napa Tote

Palm Springs Tote

These are fun too! Summer is coming - grab one of these totes.

Evil Eye Straw Beach Tote

Sea You Later Straw Beach Tote

Jute Carryall with Free Monogramming

Thank you all so much for your comments and emails yesterday regarding my CC Blog Anniversary. I reached another milestone yesterday. CCC is officially finished! The only thing remaining is the outdoor painting and my poor sweet painter is still suffering from long covid. So instead, yesterday my cleaning guy spent the whole day at my house and pressure washed the house and washed the windows inside and out and the entire lanai and everything looks so fresh and clean. I have run out of runaway on exterior painting with the hot and rainy season starting soon and this buys me time to see if my painter recovers by the fall. 


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! I must have found you very early on and I'm sure your blog name drew me in, being a fan of chinoiserie for decades. Please keep up the good work. Your blog is a bright spot in my day—Thanks.

  2. Fun totes. Interesting that you loved Nashville. I don't really see you there, but I've never been, so I only have a preconceived notion of what it's like. Congratulations on the completion of your abode. That's fantastic, and must make you feel wonderful. A lovely environment is so important. I'm so sorry to hear about your painter. I hope he makes a full recovery. Apparently COVID is again rearing it's ugly head a bit. Recently five people in my attorney's office tested positive for it - all the traveling and contact with people, and no masks required on airplanes now.

    1. Nashville is not my style at all and I am not a county music fan. But it is a lot of fun - a great restaurant scene, the honky tonks on Broadway are a hoot, and it has really exploded as a hot city in the past few years. Lots of amazing farm to table restaurants - the best pork belly I have ever had there.

  3. Congratulations on completing your home! I hope you will share pics of your new kitchen island styling. I could use some inspiration!

  4. Great value totes! Where can I order them online, please?

  5. I would love to order them. Can you offer the company I can contact please?

  6. Congratulations- I enjoy reading your blog and exploring products and styles that your keen eye has curated in your home.