Sunday, March 6, 2022

Chinoiserie in the Garden

Danielle Rollins - Luxe Magazine

The photo above is the Palm Beach home of Danielle Rollins and fiancé Tom D'Agostino featuring their darling goldendoodle Henry. It features lots of blue and white Chinese porcelain.

I have been using blue and white Chinese porcelain forever outdoors with no deterioration whatsoever. I do recommend using garden stools and fishbowls like in this photo as they will not tip over in wind because of their weight and low center of gravity. If you wish to use ginger jars, they are best in a protected entry and use chunky heavy ginger jars not skinny ones.

Here are some great picks for the garden.

 I love blue and white Chinese garden stools in the garden. I have 8 in my garden including 2 flanking the front door. Here are some beautiful choices. I have had garden stools in my garden in NOVA for 30 years and now here in Florida and they have not aged at all. I did not store them in the winter, but NOVA does not have terribly severe winters. Every single one of these below is under $100 with free shipping.

Blue and White Ocean Jewel Chinese Garden Stool

Blue and White Gateless Mist Chinese Garden Stool

This Bunny Williams garden obelisk is stunning. It is metal wrapped in gray resin wicker. Singly or as a pair, this would make quite a statement in the garden.

Bunny Williams Clayton Trellis Obelisk

This Beauclaire Planter is available in three sizes - it is on sale with free shipping. I love the navy.

Beauclaire Planter in Navy

I love blue and white Chinese fishbowls outdoors. Keep in mind that most all come without a drainage hole. You have three options. 

1. Use the fishbowl as a cachepot taking the potted plant out to water it. 

2. Drill a drainage hole. I have not done this, but have read that a diamond bit is used.

3. Purchase one with a drainage hole. Oriental Furnishings gives you the option of a drainage hole for a $10 upcharge.

16" Blue and White Chinese Fishbowl - no drainage hole

This fabulous Miles Redd Chinese Chippendale Bench is on sale with free shipping. I love this bench and it is cast aluminum and powder coated so it should last beautifully.

Miles Redd Bermuda Garden Bench

A coral pink watering can - too fun! I just ordered this.

Coral Pink Watering Can

I love gardening boots and my favorites are these Smith & Hawken. These come in four different colors - don't size up - they run roomy.  Great for rainy days too of course and they cost a fraction of Hunter boots.


  1. What great finds! I would LOVE to see some pictures of your garden with your Chinese garden stools, fishbowls and palms. :+)

    1. I will as soon as I finish a few projects like my exterior painting.

  2. I don't think you want a drainage hole. If you have one the plant would just drain all over the floor.

    1. The subject of this post is chinoiserie in the garden, not in the house, so there is no floor.

  3. Danielle's garden is gorgeous, and there are so many wonderful finds here, Beth. Thank you.

    1. I love the citrus trees in the fishbowls - I plan to try that.

  4. I really love chinoiserie in the garden. I currently don't have any fishbowl planters because I was under the impression that they'd get ruined if I leave them outside but see that's not the case. And that Bunny Williams obelisk, love it so much. I haven't seen it in person so I'm a little hesitant but I'm dreaming about putting it in the middle of a knot garden edged in Box. Spring is coming quick to No CA, I need to get some solid plans together as I definitely will be bringing some chinoiserie to the garden this year.

    1. As for the fishbowls, just protect from hard freezes if you are planting in them. My experience with Bunny Williams pieces from Ballard has been excellent.