Monday, March 7, 2022


Mary McDonald

Pagoda are so quintessentially Chinoiserie Chic and if you love chinoiserie, you likely have one or more in your home. Here are some great pagoda picks.

Large Wicker Pagoda

Pagoda Scented Candle

Pagoda Placemats

16" Blue and White Porcelain Pagoda

Set of Three White Pagodas

Aya Pagoda Pendant

Pagoda Finial

Pagoda Paperweight

Bamboo Pagoda Mirror

Oh Pagoda Chandelier

Kim Seybert Toile Beaded Placemat

Set of 2 Gold Pagoda Lanterns

I have these lanterns and they are really beautiful.


  1. Wonderful! Love Mary McDonald's very tall ones. They must be one-offs that she found somewhere in her travels.

  2. I have a pagoda obsession. I’m seeking help....