Tuesday, November 2, 2021

A Blue & White Christmas

Caitlin Wilson

I am so excited to start posting on Christmas decorating. I will begin to decorate the day after Thanksgiving and it will be here in a heartbeat. 

Today's post is dedicated to blue and white Christmas stockings and tree skirts. Whether you are planning a blue and white Christmas palette or a chinoiserie Christmas, these are stunning choices. These are elegant and understated and exactly my taste. All are silk except the white stocking in linen.

Silk Porcelain Plaid Tree Skirt

Silk Prescott Plaid Tree Skirt

Silk Navy Check Stocking

Silk Bluebelle Scallop Stocking

Silk Noelle Stripe Scallop Stocking

Linen French Blue Scallop Stocking

Here are a few more rustic choices in blue and white that would mix beautifully.

Harris Tweed Luxury Blue Christmas Stocking

Harris Tweed Luxury Blue and Green Plaid Christmas Stocking

Patchwork Christmas Stocking

Blue and White Speckled Woven Christmas Stocking

Quilted Christmas Stocking

And an aside - I posted recently about the carnation and what a worthy flower it is with its low cost and long cut life. Charlotte Moss posted this lovely pink carnation arrangement on instagram yesterday. Keep carnations in mind for floral arrangements for the holidays. 

Charlotte Moss


  1. My home would be empty without Carnations. I buy them en masse. Publix is a good source. The florist (at Publix) will order them for you and they just make you feel good all over when you see them in whatever room or rooms you have placed them. This Charlotte Moss arrangement looks like the small version. I get the big and 3 weeks is average if you change the water. Never mind roses and peonies, unless they come from your garden. Too expensive and only good for a few days if you're lucky.
    Blue and white anything....the stockings.....one for me and one for my dog. Thanks Beth.

    1. I will definitely be ordering lots from Publix for the holidays. I have had excellent luck with their flowers.

  2. Love Caitlin Wilson's blue and white stockings. They're so pretty.

  3. What unusual carnations. Quite beautiful. I'm happy they're back, I always loved the scent.

    1. Yes, lovely flowers. Lots of new colors are coming out too.

  4. I cannot wait to see your Christmas posts!!!