Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Easy Elegant Holiday Floral Arrangements

Alessandra Branca - Veranda

I love this idea from Alessandra Branca. This is in the dining room of her Chicago townhome. Talk about easy peasy. She wraps a plain glass cylinder vase - the type you get with florist's arrangements with marble paper and secures it with a ribbon. The vase is filled with pine branches and amaryllis.

Dollar Tree has smaller versions of this type of vase for $1.00. You likely have some of these vases  from floral deliveries. Any size will work - one could do smaller arrangements with roses or carnations for example. 

I have found an unbelievable deal for this project and for wrapping small gifts. Marbled paper is very expensive - generally about $10.00 a sheet. This book includes 12 sheets of 19" by 27" for $15.99 which is a steal.

Marbled Paper

Marbled Paper

Marbled Paper

I would grab a couple of these - I am. These will make stunning floral arrangements and gorgeous wrapped gifts.

Tie the marble covered vase with ribbon. Here's another great deal - 50 yards of assorted velvet ribbon (25 colors) in 3/8" for $13.99

Assorted Velvet Ribbon

 I can't wait to try this. A thought - some of these papers would work beautifully with mums in harvest colors for the Thanksgiving table.