Friday, May 21, 2021

Crazy Week

Lipstick Palm


This week has been a busy one indeed. My daughter had the inspection on their new home in Annapolis and their existing home just went on the market today. I have been assisting long distance. And the rejuvenation of my Florida garden begins today, so I have been knee deep in garden design. The existing garden has too many overgrown and dated shrubs. I am imagining a more dramatic, modern, hurricane friendly, and exotic space with lots of blue and white Chinese garden stools and potted blue and white Chinese fishbowls (that can be moved into the garage when required).

This palm above is on my wish list. I'm hoping I can find one locally. Just perfect for my Chinoiserie Chic home I think.


  1. If only lipstick palms would grow in Boston.....,

  2. OMG I love it!!! Never saw it before, had no idea it could be available here.
    Now I’ll obsess over it until I can have it...eventually.

    1. It's hard to find and pricey but stunning.

    2. Yeah, I went into researching them and they are prohibitive. Plus, I'd hate to pay that kind of money for a small plant and risk shipping mishaps. Then there are seeds one can buy on Etsy. Tempting.... but a gamble for sure.

    3. Things grow so quickly here that a small plant would be fine in a fishbowl until it gets large enough to plant.

  3. Love this beautiful palm! Stunning.