Thursday, October 1, 2020

Wallpaper & Musings

Katie Ridder - Architectural Digest

 Now that I have found a wallpaper hanger, my thoughts have turned again to my darling little bathroom that is awaiting its paper. I came across this photo and love it. The turtle wallpaper is by Katie Ridder and note how they retrofitted the antique mirror with elephant sconces. This really has a British Colonial/Tropical/Island vibe that I adore. 

I was on a Zoom yesterday with Amanda Lindroth and Mark Sikes and I was thinking about how THE look in interior design today that they both do beautifully is the chinoiserie, blue and white, wicker, rattan, coastal, island, tropical vibe, that works regardless of where you live. Guess where this powder room above is? Hudson Valley in New York. I remember doing a post several years ago about a home in Norway completely filled with palms and chinoiserie.

I am off down the rabbit hole of my thousands of posts to find it - and voila! This stuck in my brain because the house is in Oslo, Norway where my maternal grandmother was from. So if this is your taste, you don't need to live in the tropics - go for it.

Nicolette Horn - House Beautiful

Nicolette Horn - House Beautiful

The wallpaper BTW is Turtle Bay by Katie Ridder available in several colorways. I like both of these.

Prussian Blue



  1. I want to turn my guest bath into a little jewel box. I’m obsessing over all the beautiful wallpapers I see and can’t decide! Thanks for all the inspiration you post!

  2. Love the first photo, wow beautiful color combinations !

  3. I love this post! The powder room is lovely. I love the combination of the mirror and paper. I agree, very Brit Colonial vibe. I am not sure which of the two featured color ways I like best. They are both so fun.

  4. Maureen in Osprey, FLOctober 1, 2020 at 10:48 AM

    LOVE the seafoam and coral combo of the wallpaper!

  5. The bathroom by Katie Ridder - so pretty!

  6. So gorgeous! I love that house in Norway. The blue and white plus celadon isnt that much different from the traditional Scandanavian palette.

    I do try to temper my obsession with tropical just a bit because it gets so cold here ( in Chicago). I think it's so fun that you can go all out in your new home especially since your lovely garden is a veritable tropical oasis!

    1. I was the same way in DC not going too overboard. I grew up in Lake Forest and do not miss the winters at all.

  7. The Katie Ridder Turtles in Seafoam are beautiful, but so is the blue and white, tough decision.