Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Blue and White Lanai

My Lanai

Here are a few shots of my lanai featuring my new dragon pool float and my new wicker chaises. I sat out on one of the chaises yesterday afternoon with the two pups and it was wonderful.

Do you see the zebra hide beach towel in the leather holster in the last photo? I had a strange memory when I put it out there. I posted on January 13, 2013 (more than seven years ago) about finding it at Neiman Marcus Last Call reduced from $240 to $40. Zebra hide was all the rage then and this was a fun take on it.

I commented that I loved it, but wasn't sure where I was going to use it since I didn't have a pool and am not a huge beach goer. A gratuitous comment that I deleted chastised me for buying something that was not utilitarian. Hey sweetheart, how much of Chinoiserie or interior design for that matter is about being utilitarian? At any rate Angie, now I have my very own swimming pool and will be drying myself with this very chic towel. How's that for utilitarian?

My Jonathan Adler Alligator (Not in the Lanai!)


  1. Your new place is really coming together!!! You have so many Beautiful things. Thanks for sharing with us. LUVING the Dragon Float!! Your Towel?? Nothing short of fabulous!!!

  2. Everything is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos. I read and look forward to seeing your Blog first! ("I want what she's having!")

  3. Beth you are a design genius! Your lanai is beyond spectacular! Just gorgeous. And I am glad you got the dragon--it looks perfect there! Love the way the towel folds up--it's even better that way than if it were stretched out.

  4. That float is PERFECTION!!! Loving every inch of the lanai! That zebra towel purchase so long ago was fortuitous....I cannot tell you how many things I own that, when initially purchased, had no pre-determined "home" beyond a temporary storage closet. I buy what I love and do not feel the need to justify it. Things ALWAYS come together and I love the serendipity of it all. You continue to be AMAZING!!!

  5. Love it! Glad you got the dragon, now I want one!

  6. Where in the world did you get the dragon float? Lovin it