Friday, August 29, 2014


Benjamin Moore Iced Lavender

I am starting to plan a room in my home that will be painted in a pale lavender. Have any of you used lavender in your own home? I would love paint color suggestions. The one above is Benjamin Moore Iced Lavender and I like it very much. I have never used this color in my home and I think it will work beautifully with Chinoiserie, especially blue and white Chinese porcelain. I'd love any ideas on sophisticated lavender paint colors.

Charlotte Moss

Carolyne Roehm


  1. BM makes a color called " lazy dog". It looks very neutral, but once painted it casts a lavender tone. Subtle, but sophisticated....
    It's worth testing to see how it translates in your space.

  2. OK. Sharon provided the perfect segue from lavender to Margot. We need an update on the little miss.

  3. My recommendation is to paint samples on pre primed poster board and place them against each wall to see how the color(s) work with light at different times of the day in your space. Our son, who has an excellent eye for color, says that purple tones look brown in low light conditions. When I wanted our guest bedroom to be purple, ivory and green, he suggested the perfect green for the walls instead. I am sure whatever lavender you select will be wonderful. Best of luck.

  4. Sherwin Williams Queen Anne Lilac is a bit darker, but very subtle and sophisticated. I also love BM Rock Harbor Violet, which looks lovely and soft against blues

  5. Beth,
    Did you know that Albert Hadley called lavender "the beige of the 90's" ? Don't you just love it?!
    What would be totally gorge is to first paint the walls with three coats of primer, sanding between coats- then apply a base of a very pale grey tinted white satin or semi gloss finish. Then stipple a pale lavender custom mixed glaze over that, finish it off with a poly coat of satin clear polyurethane which will not yellow with age. Stunning!
    Dean (not a robot)

  6. Check out Farrow and Ball's Calluna. It's a great lavender which I'm actually considering for my own bedroom re-do right now. I'm also considering it to work with navy but best of all, it will work with a broad range of other colors if desired.

  7. Ralph Lauren used to have a pale lavender called Cape Cod, I have used it for two jobs, it's beautiful.

  8. Yes, such a timely post for me! I just painted my guest room a pale lavender. I was inspired by Aerin Lauder's living room in the Hamptons, which has pale lavender walls and loads of blue and white. I tested many colors and finally settled on Benjamin Moore's "Slip" at 50% intensity. I loved Slip but it was too dark, at 50% it is just right and is a lovely lavender-gray. I would love to see pictures when you are done!

  9. Take a look at Sherwin Williams Unique Gray. Not as intense as Farrow and Ball's Calluna.