Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Balloon Shade

Last week I did a post showing a Chinoiserie balloon shade that elicited strong reactions both for and against its use in interior design today. I personally love a beautifully done balloon curtain and its variations like the London shade. I thought I would post a few more favorites, many combined with Chinoiserie.


The Enchanted Home

House Beautiful

Perch New Orleans

Melissa Rufty

Alessandra Branca

Architectural Digest

Cottages & Gardens



  1. Why would anyone not like balloon shades? Do they think they are fussbudgety old lady confections? I think they ae just as outstanding a window covering as anything when used beautifully in a room.

  2. As I said before I adore them! Love these!!!

    Here is mine that makes me happy everytime I walk in the room! TPP did my prints to coordinate with my China Rose fabric.

  3. Oh my God, I love that Stroheim plaid! I must search for it.


  4. Balloon curtains have definitely been on the backburner with the sleeker modern looks, but with such clean and beautiful looks as in these photos, balloon shades are no doubt perched on a comeback.

  5. I, of course, love them. It makes me sad to think of the skills being lost not only in the making of the shades themselves, but also of the trim used on them. Trim has become a four letter word in this age of minimalism. What do we offer instead? Grommets.

  6. I love them. I’m obsessed with them. I have them in every room.

  7. Retired designer and from the Deep South. I STILL love balloons. What’s not to love?