Monday, October 15, 2012

Stripes & Chinoiserie

I love the combination of stripes and Chinoiserie. This is an intriguing dining room - red and white striped chairs with the front spindle legs on casters, navy and white striped curtains, ginger jars in the window, an ikat pendant light, a sisal rug, a very odd painting, and navy and white Chinoiserie toile wallpaper. I can't decide what I think of this. Opinion?


  1. It's so outré that, somehow, it works. The fact that each element is so strong makes it meld better. That wall covering is what really makes the room, and anything twee next to it would get lost. Not the sort of design element you'd likely want in a large living room or a bedroom, but I kind of LIKE it!

  2. I am not sure either. I think the red and white stripes work but some of the other elements take your eye away from the beauty of the wallpaper. But I am a little chinoiserie biased.

  3. Love this room--perfect, unique combination.