Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Chinoiserie Quiz

House Beautiful
Who will be the first to figure out and leave a comment as to what all these dining rooms have in common besides their use of Chinoiserie? The answer and some discussion at a noon ET update.

Update - Yeah Karen of Fair Oaks! OK you smarty pants, that didn't take long. Yesterday Little Black Door did a post on rugless dining rooms. It made me realize how many of the Chinoiserie dining rooms I love are sans rugs, as is my own dining room. It has lots of advantages -

*Saves money - a great large rug does not come cheap
*Fresh and clean - it creeps me out thinking of the crumbs and food hiding in dining room rugs
*A modern look
*A nice contrast to the pretty Chinoiserie elements, preventing the dreaded "twee"

Beth Webb

Barrie Benson

Adam Lippes

Michael S. Smith

Joe Nye

Thomas Jayne

Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard 
David Mitchell

Traditional Home

Charlotte Moss

Palmer Weiss

Martyn Lawence Bullard 
Ruthie Sommers

The Beach Studios

Tinsley Mortimer

John Loecke

John Loecke

M. Design Interiors


House Beautiful


  1. I came up with the same thing as Karen. Bare floors.

  2. Such pretty rooms! I would be willing to bet, though, that at least a few of these rooms "have" rugs but that the rugs were pulled up for the photo shoot. Think acoustics in some of those huge rooms.

  3. So true because Chinoiserie can be quite detailed and decorative! Sans rugs brings out the best of the rest of the rooms features!

    Art by Karena

  4. No Carpets! Which is a look I love in a dining room. Very fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Stunning post, Jennifer. I lvoe rugless dining rooms.
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. One of our clients opted out of a dining room rug and at first I was disappointed , but when photographed I really like it . I love the images chosen!!

  7. I went rugless in the dining room about 12 months ago. The space feels bigger in my small dining room without a rug defining the space (and "loosing" the 2-3 feet around it as it only felt as big as the carpet). Such lovely pictures.

  8. Beautiful floral center pieces?! Beautiful chandeliers?!

  9. I've never put rugs in my dining room. Or in any of my rooms. I love looking at my hardwoods.