Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Leopard Carpet

Miles Redd
I struck a real chord yesterday mentioning my idea of carpeting the lower level of my house in leopard. Many of you have had the same idea of using leopard carpet. The more I thought about leopard, the more I realized it is the perfect choice. My Mary McDonald inspired dressing room would be very glamorous with leopard. It would be the perfect choice for my red library filled with singerie. It would be very cozy in my Mario Buatta chintz filled sitting room. And very importantly, it would be a kid, pet, and husband proof choice for my heavily used family room. It also solves what to use as a stair runner.

I know that Stark has some wonderful but pricey choices, but I will search out what else is out there. This project is on the back burner for right now, as my daughter's apartment is about to be repainted next week, and she and I will be doing some redecorating there. I promise to take pictures and post on her very Chinoiserie Chic Georgetown apartment as we work on it. For now, here is more inspiration on combining Chinoiserie and leopard floors.

Ralph Lauren

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Hillary Thomas

Barclay Butera

The Dressing Room in My I'm a Giant Challenge Dollhouse

The Bedroom in My I'm a Giant Challenge Dollhouse


  1. I recently installed a leopard runner on my stairs. I used Kane's "badger" which is leopard. It's commercial grade so it'll hold up and pricing wasn't crazy. Just in case you're looking for options. Love all the rooms you posted!

  2. practical and chic - I love it!
    here are two sources I found:

  3. Well, you know I'm in! Since we are drinkers and sometimes spillers of coffee and red wine, and since the new library/dining room is also the connected to the garden, I've chosen to stay away from wool. I already have leopard in my study and in my little library and I adore it. Can't wait until it's everywhere! Here in Kansas, people just roll their eyes at me.

    It will look totally fabulous in your CC home!

  4. I love your dollhouse creations. I read all about that and really think yours was one of the best labors of love and so perfect.