Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chinoiserie Entertaining on the Fourth of July

David Netto in Veranda

Are you entertaining on the Fourth of July? Few of us likely have a red, white, and blue Chinoiserie dining room, but don't let that stop you from setting your Fourth of July table in red, white, and blue Chinoiserie Chic style. Check your house for things you already have-blanc de Chine, blue and white Chinese porcelain gingers jars, vases, or candlesticks, or blue and white china. Add blue hydrangeas or red carnations, roses, or poppies. Voila!

Windsor Smith

Domino Magazine


My Chinoiserie Home

Joe Nye's book Flair

Joe Nye's book Flair

Sara Gilbane

"O" Magazine

Carolyne Roehm


Martha Stewart Living

My Chinoiserie Home

Red, white, and blue Chinese porcelain

Blue and white candlesticks

Red Champagne split

Blue Champagne split


  1. I just love your blog and all the beautiful things you find.

    Romantic Domestic

  2. That David Netto dining room is really special, the chandelier in particular!
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  3. I am totally envious of those darling Chinoiserie plates of yours. Great post.

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