Monday, November 9, 2009

The Chinoiserie Palette-Yellow and Green

One of my favorite color palettes for a Chinoiserie room is yellow and green. For some reason this is a very underutilized color combination. These colors work beautifully with blue and white Chinese porcelain, black lacquer, gilt pieces, and some of the most elegant Chinoiserie wallpapers are in yellow or green colorways. My living room is yellow and green. As you can see, it is a lovely choice for a living room, dining room, bedroom, or bath. I especially love the combination of pale green walls and yellow silk curtains which is what I have used. I will do an upcoming post on my own living room.


Bunny Williams

Mario Buatta

House & Garden via Trouvais

Michael Smith

1st dibs

Jasper Conran

Clare Fraser

Alessandra Branca

Reagan White House Bedroom

James Merrell


Hand painted silk curtains

Julia Reed and John Pearce

Mary McDonald


Christopher Spitzmiller

Yves Saint Laurent


  1. I couldn't agree more. Chinoiserie spaces become alive with yellow & mixed with greens. You gave so many fabulous examples. Mario Buatta's room invites me in for a cognac and a conversation. Love your new web-page design Beth. It's perfect ~ xx

  2. This is a great post and a great collection of this color combination! I love the Jasper Conran dining room is really beautiful as well as the Bunny Williams bathroom. Thanks!

  3. Green and yellow is so fresh and I love the idea of using it in chinoiserie decor.

    By the way, love the new look for the blog!

  4. Deb-Glad you like the new design. That Mario Buatta room is a favorite.

  5. CC-Those two rooms are especially pretty examples.

  6. Pretty rooms -- I agree -- the yellow is such a nice, cheerful touched. Those handpainted curtains are so incredible.

    Great post, Beth :)

  7. I AGREE! Actually, my favorite color combo of all time is pale aqua bluish-green and gold, accented with red. I have so many images with this color combo saved. It took me a while to realize what they all had in common!!

    I also think it's a flattering color combination for most complexions. I seems to make the skin glisten. Lauren

  8. Beth great post on a wonderful, enduring color combination that we haven't seen much lately...thanks for resurrecting!

  9. I'm coming back to this post today because I just came across something yellow for my already green living room and seeing these images again reinforces that the combination is lovely! What GREAT pictures - that first one is my absolute favorite dining room by John Loecke!

  10. Aesthetic Oiseau-It's a great look-fresh and elegant.