Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flowering Quince

I received an email inquiring about the wallpaper in this photo from yesterday's post. The wallpaper is Flowering Quince by Clarence House. It was created by the brilliant artist and fabric designer Kazumi Yoshida. For more examples of his stunning and inventive work, check out this post on The Peak of Chic. This wonderful bedroom was featured in Domino Magazine and belongs to Paul Costello, ex-photographer of Domino and his wife Sara Ruffin Costello, ex-style director of Domino. I previously featured the paper in my post on The Chinoiserie Bath. It is also available in 100% linen fabric.

For a very well-priced alternative for your bed, I just love this Flowering Branch Tapestry from Urban Outfitters for only $36.00.

Setting the Chinoiserie Table II

The Chinoiserie table by Michael Devine.

A Chinoiserie Living Room

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chinoiserie Style II

Please enjoy this second photo essay on the extraordinary world of Chinoiserie. 

(Photos courtesy of Flickr)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dressing the Chinoiserie Powder Room

I have been intrigued for quite a while about the increasing popularity of black toilet paper. It has become "the" chic trend all over Europe in hip hotels, restaurants, and bars and has now jumped the pond and is becoming quite the "in" thing in NYC. The idea of doing a post on the subject matter of toilet paper has prevented me, but then I saw these photos of the same Chinoiserie powder room, one with white toilet paper, the other with black. After Grant Gibson's post today on the subject of colored toilet paper, I couldn't resist. I'm sure many of you might leap on the anti colored toilet paper bandwagon, but doesn't the black look much better in this space? What is sacrosanct about white? Don't most of us enjoy colored sheets and towels? What do you think? Is black chic in the right setting or are you a purist? Made by Renova, it is 3-ply, biodegradable, non-toxic, and entirely recyclable, and comes in black, red, orange, fuschia, green, and turquoise. For more information on what has been called the sexiest toilet paper on earth, check out their website. For some incredible toilet paper wallpaper, check out this post of mine on my other blog Style Redux.

(photos courtesy of Art's the Answer!)

Chinoiserie Dragon Soap

Here is a wonderful little touch of Chinoiserie for your powder room or bath for only $4.00. These handcrafted soaps are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free and are made with plant materials like lavender buds and rosebud petals. My favorite is this dragon Nag Champa with undertones of champa flowers, vanilla, rose geranium, jasmine and spices. You can find this and many others like lemongrass and jasmine on Etsy at Solstice Scents. Thanks to Theresa and her blog Art's the Answer! for this idea. Theresa is a decorative artist and has a fascinating blog-check it out!

Blanc de Chine

For those who love Chinoiserie and are lovers of white, Blanc de Chine is perfect. Blanc de Chine is simply white Chinese porcelain. This tablescape by Ruthie Sommers demonstrates how a collection of white really pops against the background of this dramatic Chinoiserie screen. This lovely room below by Mary McDonald incorporates white foo dogs and Blanc de Chine porcelain pieces for a very subtle and elegant approach. Your Blanc de Chine collection need not be Chinese or even Asian. Just look for pieces with a Chinoiserie flair-places like Z Gallerie, Paper Source, and West Elm are great well priced sources.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kendall Wilkinson's Chinoiserie Bedroom

This gorgeous teal and tangerine Chinoiserie bedroom is by San Francisco interior designer Kendall Wilkinson who said she designed the room with the idea of a woman who is a jet-setter with a passion for fashion. Kendall also has a shop and online store called Kendall Wilkinson Home. The room has the perfect balance of traditional and modern. The lacquered teal panelled walls and hand-painted Chinoiserie wall of branches and sparrows are show-stoppers. I love the use of tangerine and cream Chinoiserie toile by Quadrille for the window treatments with their fabulous pagoda cornices. Hollywood glam is abundant with the teal patent leather chairs, orange roses, zebra benches, and lucite table and headboard. The lucite headboard allows you to see right through to the hand painted wall. Yet the bedroom still has a lovely traditional quality with its 19th century Chinoiserie chest and gilt mirror. Indeed, the bedroom was featured in Traditional Home. For another Chinoiserie bedroom with orange, visit my post Hermes Chinoiserie. I will also be doing an upcoming post on lacquered walls, a very modern and popular look today, and one that has always been perfect paired with Chinoiserie. I think this dramatic teal Kendall used is Valspar Monterey Bay Teal 5004-10c, but I will see if she can confirm this. 

(Photos courtesy of Traditional Home)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pieces of Chinoiserie

I received a lovely email yesterday from the co-owner of Vellum, a to the trade decorative accessories company, about discovering and following Chinoiserie Chic. She included a picture of these stunning Chinoiserie pieces above that Vellum sells through such stores as Pieces in Atlanta. I recalled that Pieces was featured in Domino, as well as Elle Decor, Lucky, and In Style, but had not realized that they have a wonderful website and ship nationwide. Their things are fabulous, sophisticated yet modern, and their collection of Chinoiserie, of which this is but a small sampling, is extensive. They have beautiful vintage items that have been brought back to life, and well edited new items. For someone looking for pieces that fall in between very expensive antiques and mass produced items, this is your place. Your home will thank you.