Sunday, July 7, 2024

Setting an Elegant Table

Joanna Buchanan Coral Place Card Holders

I love using place cards when I entertain. Even for small dinner parties, it is an elegant touch and makes sitting down to dinner seamless with no guesswork for guests. I have Caspari coral place cards that I bought a ton of before they were discontinued.

Caspari Place Cards

But I have been pining for these gorgeous coral place card holders for ages. And I just found them on sale for half off! They come in sets of two and are available in coral and navy. Now my dilemma is that I love both colors and can't decide which. I use lots of both colors at CCC and either would work.

Joanna Buchanan Place Card Holders in Navy

Joanna Buchanan Place Card Holders in Coral

These are hand enameled. They remind me of my collection of enameled jewelry. They come in sets of two with 20 blank cards. The regular price is $148.00 for a set of 2 and they are on sale for $72.52.

For guests' names, you can print them on your printer in any font or use a pen - I like this gold leaf pen. Years ago I took a calligraphy course at Catholic University in D.C.

Krylon Gold Leafing Pen


  1. These are lovely. Why not get of each color? Have a collection of her napkin rings and use them frequently. No placard holders though.

  2. I went to Catholic University and ended up living in the DC area for 25 years. I miss it everyday!