Monday, June 3, 2024

The Pups

Harper & Beatrice 

Beatrice, whom I call Baby Bea, turns 6 months old this week. She is on the right - she is getting so tall. She is really calming down - far more cuddly and less crazy and she is so smart. She is completely housebroken, sleeps all night, and loves her sister Harper. They are such good buddies.

Interestingly, she has several quirks that were completely unique (to me) of my black and white Japanese Chin Margot whom I lost last year. The other day I asked Bea if she is the reincarnation of Margot. Many people say that your late dog picks and trains your new puppy before they come to you. An interesting thought....

I love these two girls so much. I can't imagine my life without them. I might add a new Chin if I could find a lemon girl. (Harper is called Red and White and Bea is Black and White). I am also an approved Japanese Chin adopter, but no luck getting one so far. I had three dogs for years in NOVA before I moved to Florida, so I am use to a pack.

Lemon Japanese Chin


  1. So doggone cute, and you have them posing for the camera. That took some training. Started my day with a smile. I'll give my Havanese an extra treat to celebrate Beatrice.

  2. So adorable. Glad you all found each other.

  3. They are adorable. Hope you find your lemon girl.