Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Setting the Summer Table

Wicker Seashell Charger

I'm sure you have noticed how popular wicker chargers are. Chargers serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Not only do they help to keep table linens safe from spills, stains, oils, and food, but they also offer an additional chance to add color, patterns, texture, and layers to your table setting.

These combine two of my favorite things, wicker and seashells, and are perfect for setting the summer table.

"Shells decorate a table with a wave of coastal spirit, handwoven rattan adds a rich layer of natural texture. Mixed with indigo placemats and the warmth of gold flatware, these chargers give a nautical spin to everyday white stoneware." I would personally use blue and white china and bamboo flatware.

And right now they are on sale for over 50% off. 

Seashell Handwoven Rattan Charger