Sunday, May 5, 2024

The Wicker Pineapple Light

Lit Wicker Pineapple

Living in historic homes in the D.C. area, I loved decorating with pineapples because they had such a Colonial Williamsburg vibe. It wasn't until I moved to South Florida that I was aware that they are also very much used in tropical decor.

Dreaming of a tropical idyll? This pineapple light lends any space a balmy, beachy mood. Woven rattan offers a coastal texture and varied tonality. But it’s also cordless so you can put it anywhere you like and turn it on and off or set it on the timer to get a romantic glow.

This daring wicker pineapple has 15 internal lights and uses batteries for lighting sans a cord wherever you like. And it has a timer with a 6 hours on, 18 hours off function. This would be perfect for a lanai or porch, or a dining table centerpiece indoors or out. And it's on sale too.

Lit Woven Pineapple

If you like how it's styled at top, here is the beautiful coffee table book - 

Ibiza Bohemia by Renu Kashyap and Maya Boyd

And another gorgeous favorite from this series - 

Capri Dolce Vita by Cesare Cunaccia


  1. Happy Cinco de Mayo ! CHEERS :)

  2. Beth, I know you love pineapple so I wanted to tell you about Pinaq Pinapple Liqueur made in the Netherlands. Just added the bottle to my barcart and it gets rave reviews online. Purchased it locally.

    1. Thanks - I have done four different posts on it and always have it on my bar.

  3. Speaking of wicker, I have had difficulty finding any nice lamp shades in recent years. I was in Home Goods this week and they had wicker ones in a couple of sizes.