Saturday, May 11, 2024

The Blue and White Chinoiserie Dress

100% Washable Silk Slip Dress

 I have one of these washable silk dresses and love it. They are available in lots of colors and have just come out with them in prints. This blue and white version reminds me of Gracie or de Gournay hand painted blue and white silk chinoiserie wallpaper.

"We love the midi length and bias cut of this dress! This super flattering fit is made from 100% mulberry silk, in a satin finish. The kicker? Our silk is washable. Easy to style, easy to wash for low-maintenance luxe. Plus, silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids that make it amazing for skin nourishment, hypo-allergenic, and naturally thermoregulating to help maintain body temperature."

Shipping and returns are free. This dress has thousands of 5 star reviews. They are wonderful for travel. They make very luxurious nightgowns and slips.

100% Washable Silk Slip Dress

I am also a huge fan of their silk pillowcases and sleep on them every single night - the key to great hair and skin in the morning.

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