Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Blue and White Dining Room

Huff-Dewberry, Inc. - Veranda

This dramatic dining room is featured in the latest issue of Veranda. The hand-painted blue mural has a Florida meets chinoiserie meets Italy vibe. I love the use of plants with a large potted tropical and a pair of urns with agave.

A former loggia was enclosed and flooded with light to create an orangery-style dining room. The dining hall evolved from an outdoor loggia to an enclosed space inspired by European orangeries (better for hosting large dinner parties), featuring a peacock blue mural and tented skylight.

"Welcome to the dining hall at Villa Juanita. We planned for the dining hall to have latticed walls, but pivoted to the striking hand-painted mural by Bob Christian for more fantasy and interest. We imagined the Italian-shadow pines-meets-Chinoiserie feeling in the bolder peacock blue, and knew he was the perfect artist to execute our vision.⁠

⁠We wanted this room to have an “Orangerie” feeling, and it was designed to house larger plants and take advantage of all the natural light. We were able to use the owners’ former dining table and chairs we created many years ago, with some modifications for the new setting.⁠
One of our favorite notes, the former chairs were recovered in green velvet. Luckily, the manufacturer had a few chair frames remaining, and we purchased the last six frames in this style! The finish on the former chairs was replicated, no changes made, by the original decorative artist who completed them 20 years ago.⁠"

You can see the entire home here. It has a very Palm beach feel but is actually a historic 1920s estate in Atlanta.

Villa Juanita


  1. Oh my! That is gorgeous!

  2. I miss your chinoiserie interior decor posts. Thanks for posting.

    1. It is getting harder and harder to find rooms/houses in publications with chinoiserie. And so many magazines have folded that I used to find great examples in. Very unfortunate.

    2. Even though this room is not the “definition” of chinoiserie, I agree with you that the spirit is there in the blue and white wall mural and the classic style. Absolutely gorgeous in my opinion! I clicked through your link to the article and found many inspiring rooms. WOW!

  3. Gorgeous room. I love rooms that bring that outdoor feeling inside. The mural is beautiful, and I love those hanging pendant light fixtures.