Sunday, March 24, 2024

Wicker Details

Wicker Salt & Pepper Cellars

I love these little wicker salt and pepper cellars from Amanda Lindroth. Amanda's Salt & Pepper Wells are token Bahamian vintage chic! Charming tiny details like the tightly braided rim create a magical moment when they're passed at a dinner table. They're also an ideal hostess gift!  

Natural handwoven rattan
Basket - 3" L x 2" W x 1.5" H

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Amanda Lindroth Wicker Salt & Pepper Cellars

I would use these as salt cellars and I would highly recommend filling them with my two favorite sea salts. - 

Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt

These finishing salts will change your life. Read my original post here.

I had so much fun with the Diane von Furstenberg launch yesterday. I ordered everything I wanted at 3 a.m. Then I went late morning to my Venice Target and they had hundreds of pieces from the collection. I tried on a zillion things and got a few more items. The quality is excellent. I was very impressed. My two favorite items are the two long sleeved wrap dresses. They remind me so much of the original. Such a fun day! I snagged everything I wanted - keep checking back online and in stores - with returns things will reappear if what you wanted was sold out.


  1. I am so disappointed that Amanda is closing her shop. For a long time I had my eye on several pieces of her furniture, but hesitated because I had other priorities with my house, so I wasn't sure where I would put them, and now they are gone.

    1. She has a new venture to be announced - there will be more I'm quite sure.