Monday, March 25, 2024

More Easter @ CCC


Easter is in just a few days and I have been doing a bit more Easter decorating here at CCC. This wicker Amanda Lindroth Birkin Basket is a darling mini version that is sadly no longer available. I have two of the mini versions with gold leather shown above and silver leather handles and the large version in red and in light blue leather. They are designed as handbags and I use them all the time, but also make the cutest Easter baskets. I really only wear wicker and straw bags here in Florida and these Birkin baskets are favorites of mine.

I filled this one with paper grass and real quail eggs. So easy and fun. I think I'll get some araucana eggs this week at the farmer's market too. I have never really liked dyed Easter eggs and so prefer natural eggs.

The araucana are so gorgeous in an array of natural pastels.

Martha Stewart Living

This one is still available with an additional 40% off shown in your cart. This is also perfect for the vintage Palm Beach Palm Royale look.

Amanda Lindroth Wicker Birkin Basket

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