Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Blue & White & Coral

Thibaut Maldives

Coral wallpaper - Thibaut's Maldives is a perfect backdrop for the blue painted faux bamboo chest and collection of blue and white porcelain.

Inspired by the coral reefs of the Maldives, this pattern features an allover abstract design that resembles the reefs found in its crystal blue waters. Offered in 8 colorways. Also available as a cotton fabric.

The colorway above is Navy.

Thibaut Maldives in Navy

This wallpaper would be great in a powder room.

Ceramic jars with lettering are generally Delft apothecary jars or pharmacy pots but can also be Italian or French apothecary jars used for herbal and medicinal potions and are highly collectible. Antique ones are quite valuable. They mix beautifully with Chinese porcelain.

19th Century Delft Faience Apothecary Jar

I love blue coral - these are so pretty -

Blue Coral Dessert Plates

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  1. Beth, are you able to tell me what is the source of the photo with the wallpaper and chest? The blue of the chest is the shade that I have been looking for, and I would like to try to track it down. I know it is probably a custom shade of blue, but I'd like to try and find out more about it. I look forward to your posts every morning at 10:00am! Many thanks!

    1. It is from Thibaut's website - I would assume from a photo shoot they did to showcase Maldives.

  2. Everything is just stunning; the wallpaper, the ceramics, and Fran is right. That shade of blue is heavenly.