Friday, January 5, 2024


Amanda Lindroth

I love having potted orchids at CCC. I was at Publix yesterday and they had orchids on buy one, get one free. And many had two stems - I found two orchids with double stems absolutely loaded with blossoms. That makes them under $10 each for gorgeous orchids. If you have Publix, see if they have this deal at yours.

Does anyone have a tip for bringing orchids home in the car? - I put them in the passenger seat and braced them with my purse and grocery bags, but there must be a better way....

Of course, I also repot them when I get home. My favorite containers are blue and white Chinese porcelain cachepots and wicker. I also always keep a huge box of sheet moss on hand for topping the orchids.


I use sheet moss to top all my potted topiaries outside and plants faux and real inside. Keep the moss looking fresh and green especially indoors by misting it weekly with filtered water.

I love Amanda Lindroth's orchid baskets. And Amanda Lindroth is discontinuing her online store and everything is 30% off - discount appears at checkout - no code required. These wicker orchid baskets come in a set of 3 and are 30% off.

Braided Orchid Baskets, Small, Set of Three

Braided Orchid Baskets, Large, Set of Three

Wavy Wicker Orchid Baskets, Small, Set of Three

Wavy Wicker Orchid Baskets, Large, Set of Three

Here is the sheet moss I always keep on hand - a box lasts forever and is far more economical than those little cellophane packages of moss.

3 Pounds of Preserved Moss

And the easiest way to water your orchids is with 3 ice cubes once a week.


  1. So beautiful. Wish we had Publix in NOVA. I love orchids in either blue & white or a silver bowl with lots of moss. Thanks for the tip on buying a 3 lb box!

    1. There is one in Fredericksburg or it is coming. There is hope that one of the underperforming Harris Teeter stores in Alexandria could become a Publix.

  2. Most grocery stores should have wine boxes available. You can manipulate the inserts to fit the pots. I do this when I take flowers to shut ins for our church.